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What is TVET?

Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), reskilling, upskilling, skills development, human resource development, technical education, VET  – What do these terms all stand for?   

Although the terms cannot be used as synonyms, they all refer to training and learning as well as adapting new or improved skills for a specific occupation. Especially in our dynamic modern world of work, learning and mastering new techniques or work processes and new technologies is all around us. To address this crucial evolution, ‚Skills for Business by’ focuses on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), which is consequently used as the overarching terminology on this site.

TVET is characterized by the development of skills through both work-based (at the company) and school-based (at the school) training, an approach often referred to as dual TVET. With TVET trainees gain a comprehensive skill set as they are provided with both practical and theoretical learning. While TVET schools provide the theoretical background of an occupation, on-the-job learning is a kind of ‚reality check‘ to put the skills learned into practice. Trainees and training companies benefit equally: the trainees through improved employability and the companies through an increased work readiness resulting in increased productivity.

 For many years, the ASEAN region has benefited from economic growth that has generally raised the standard of living of societies in Southeast Asia. To sustain this growth and keep pace with future developments, TVET is an excellent response to one of the most pressing needs in the area: creating a skilled and resilient workforce to remain competitive in the changing world of work.

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"The view on human capital development today has shifted towards placing more efforts on fostering skills development due to the increased volatility in job market. It calls for a collaborative and integrated approaches across all stakeholders towards empowering our nation with the right skillsets and mentorship by sharing best practices to ensure a future-ready workforce."

ASEAN Business Advisory Council Brunei 2021